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And for those who tolerate milk / lactose, youreensured hormone-free and nutrient-rich whey, thanks to theNew Zealand grass fed cows from which Gnarly Nutritionsources. But perhaps what makes Gnarly Nutrition protein powders stand apart most, is that they include prebiotics and probiotics, which support digestion through the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. So, if youve struggled with bloating and gas when tryingother powders, this subtle inclusion of good bacteria might remedy those uncomfortable reactions! A comparative look at their nutritional facts: Whether before, during, or post-climbing,a protein shakeis about the easiest way to get quick nutrition to your body. As you can see, both varieties provide a solidserving of protein with virtually no sugar. Given that the Vegan Feast is intended to work as a meal replacement as well, it also supplies you with some fat and a small amount of carbohydrates (and 9 grams of fiber!) to createa small well-rounded meal in liquid form. You might also notice that the Vegan Feast protein blend is made up of pea protein isolate, chia protein, and cranberry seed protein natural and rice/soy-free for those with sensitivities or want to avoid the chance of ingestingrice-derived arsenic. Gnarly Nutrition protein powder taste and texture While youlikely prefer chewing yourfood, whenits coming in liquid form, the last thing youwant to experienceis something grainy that tastes like chemicals. Luckily, unlike a majority of protein powders out there, Gnarly Nutritions protein powders aresmoother than most and taste pretty damn good, too.

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Good stuff! I stepped up ho the 25 leer which is the route to go. Mix very well. The thing I like the most is that their cows eat grass!! The whey tastes great and easily dissolves in my smoothies. So I began looking elsewhere. Simply add one 30g scoop to your beverage of choice, shake well, and enjoy. Other so called lactose free whey isolates have left me with itchy and swollen lips, but I didn't experience any allergic reactions to this isolate.

The item was delivered very quickly. Maybe in time. good stuff. delivered on time, good service Bryan on 06/11/2014 Good quality good tasting and it also mixes very well, nice texture. Delivery time was within a few business days.All round good experience with the company and product. Easy to mix with milk, I don't even need to use the spoon. Our body builder customers love the fact it does not alter the taste of the smoothies and is natural, grass-fed dairy with a high protein content. Excellent flavour and mixes very well. Cary on 29/01/2014 Great product. Mint Chocolate Chip is the winner in my books. fingers crossed they'll sell it in bulk one day! Jon on 01/09/2014 This is a very good tasting protein compared to most major brands not even taking into account that it's practically organic.

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